Necessary Illusions

From deception or failure with fault,
To sorrow or misfortune from fate;
Or even simple shame from the mundane:
Of a single sentence we regret to have said
Of a stranger or a friend who took it bad,
How can I not create an optimistic illusion
To clear my mind from the chaos and confusion?

The fear of hurting or getting hurt,
The consequences of the insignificant words,
The illusory actions that only happen in our minds;
Is it not easier to create illusions,
Hope with all faith about the best conclusions
And refrain the thought of tragedy
That endlessly repeats like a parody?

I embrace those illusions now,
Because the consequences will be the same.
And I refuse to suffer from anticipation,
hoping that life is not as cruel as we make it,
believing that we always create the worst.
But deep inside there’s a hidden thought so small
That we plan it so it doesn’t happen at all.

Elementary Needs

I showed you a picture of a sunset
And you had no reaction at all,
So please tell me if you are still alive,
If your perception is that small.

When did you last witness the sun
Going down with a shade of orange
Painting the sky in ruby color,
Heating the clouds until it’s dark?

When did you smell the sea or a flower,
When did you last walk on the beach,
Collected shells and wrote on the sand,
The words that mean to you the most?

Perhaps you are moved by nothing,
You forgot your basic needs.
You are now too advanced,
Too civilized for nature’s reach.


Silent Love

Yes I missed the hair and the lips and the skin,
I missed all things inbetween,
And I have told you about them before
I have no need to tell you more.

With time I leave and fly away
and I don’t want to talk about your looks
and you feel abandoned day by day
searching for compliments in your books.

Give me your silence and receive mine
and let us enoble then our speech
so that our few words will shine
so that our names have the highest reach.

Put your head on my shoulder
near the place of my heart,
and let us watch getting older and older
in the quiet silence of a new start.

Subconscious Sex

In the soft night wrapped in lust
We slept after a long time away,
And still with eyes shut
Our lips were already finding their way.

Our hands were working alone,
Undressing our clothes and touching our skin
And our fingers were sliding by their own
Igniting our senses within.

By flames we were consumed
And our bodies were melting into eachother
When we finally woke up and realized
Already were were making love to one another.

Love Theory

A guru once said that passion is not love
And only from possession comes suffering
As with attachment comes sorrow;
That a lover should be happy with contemplation.

I believed his words while you were here
With no reason to prove otherwise,
Until the day you changed your fate
And I realized how wrong my mind was.

In that day I questioned everything in a violent scream
And my heart was ruined with the thought
That I have not loved you, but only possessed you.

But quickly my mind was changed
Because I knew to be guilty of both ideas;
That I had possessed you with passion,
But I would let you go with love.

Salty Love

We walked on the beach of christals and shells
That made a cloak under the morning sun,
And I heard the echos of fresh waves
That spread into our feet and knees.

I took a deep breath of see air
While the sun sparkled our skin.
Meanwhile she laughed, I heard,
Between the harmony of voice and song.

We touched the foam of the waves
With a hand that wants to take the whole sea
And we threw this salty flakes in the air.

In our eyes they came down and languished,
And their simplicity made me know
That our souls were united a long time ago.

Silent Admiration

I don’t tell you love poems,
Nor do I mention my fiery thoughts,
So I can better see you in the moments
That stay in my memory to never be lost.

With interlaced hands we wander,
And while distracted you walk,
I dream and bring you to my fantasies
Not letting you know my hidden thoughts.

In a brief look I admire your freckles
On your polished glossy skin
And I bring your laughing eyes within.

But I keep my words locked up
And my voice in a deep sleep
To cherish the rare moments that make me weep.

After Intimacy

From your long hair that extends into your liny back,
To your thigh that bears your noble weight,
In naked pose I caught you in a photograph,
And your divine figure still ignites me to this date.

Timid and noble you witnessed me,
And covered yourself in our sheets.
You laughed with your rosey cheeks
Trying to hide from my naughty view.

I laughed too and rushed to you,
To invade the soft veil you were in,
But your beautiful breasts you were hiding still.

When in hasty move I finally kissed you,
While you were hiding your desire
I grabbed your hips and we mixed in fire.

Alone With The Moon

Solitude in the sense of blessing –
I find peace in my being
just by witnessing the luminosity
of this orbiting beauty.

Today the moon is full,
the reflection reaches a climax,
sharing the most beautiful of space stations.
It highlights the subtle movement of the clouds,
not overshadowing the constellations.

Its cluster has shades of orange and blue,
similar to a nebula,
a gaseous cosmic dust
that beautifies the view.

This particle in the vast cosmos
has the power to make a magical night
orchestrating all around,
creating the atmosphere of a peaceful sight
where I cannot hear a sound.

Place of the Soul

I grow happiness beyond the smile
or the suffering.
Don’t feed illusions of the senses,
momentary elegance
or fleeting insults.

Like protected arrows
by flashy shells,
these echo so far,
far away from my core;
where my resonance is fluid
and the serenity pristine.

There is a distance in the spirit
away from distractions of sadness
or an anesthesia of joy;
where my soul finally dwells
full of empty memories.